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November, already?

As I sit here at 1:05am, restless, on the morning of my first-ever trip to Seattle, I've decided to write this post. I'm not sure if it's the excitement, or all the incredible J.C. Bean's iced coffee I consumed earlier this afternoon, but somehow the sandman missed my door this evening.

Today has been magical. It's been one of those days that's so normal that it, in it's own way, is exciting. I guess the normalcies that come with any "regular" day have a way of shedding light on its nuances; like the freshly-fallen autumn leaves (funny, I don't remember there being seasons in Southern California), or the new scents that attach themselves to chilly weather.

Fall always smells like a campfire, even when there's no log or chimney in sight.

I planned this trip to Seattle to 1.) chase the rain and 2.) visit family (one uncle, one aunt, and three cousins), that recently moved. My cousins are very special to me. I was just telling my mom that it's been "forever" since I'd seen them last. She quickly reminded me that it had only been three months. This may be true, but three months in kid time is three years, really. The amount they grow in this 90-day span is profound. I probably won't even recognize them.

I've heard that the Pacific Northwest (or "PNW," apparently) is quite a beautiful place. Portlandia is reason enough for me to visit.  

Before I go, I leave you with this. A blurry, yet somehow beautiful, photo taken with my phone from the inside of a plastic bag while paddleboarding in a certain harbor two days ago. Ten cents and a sizable piece of pocket lint to anyone who guesses which.

Until next time. Wishing you a wonderful day, filled with nuances.



disclaimer: I was not paid to mention JC Bean's, but I will say this; it is the best coffee in all the land.

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