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"The Way I Feel"


I feel like I'm floating through existence
I feel like I'm living after time
I feel like I'm forced to break the silence
I feel like the world is on my shoulder
I feel like I'm not the only one who's frustrated
I feel like we're not angry enough

_Asa (asha)- "Hawk" in Yoruba, is a Nigerian-born, French singer/songwriter, and all-around impressive woman.

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I felt compelled to share this song shortly after hearing it for the first time, for reasons that the lyrics exemplify perfectly. The video accompanies the song well, though I do recommend listening to the song lyrics all the way through, sans visuals.

It's very rare that a music video complements the subtleties and tone of a song so well. Why this piece only has 400,000 views, the world may never know. Stunning visuals, like watching moving art, and Asa is the beautiful centerpiece. [directed by Tristan Holmes


Some words and thoughts on things and life ||  As I get older (currently 22), my life's mission(s) become more and more clear. Post-college life is a funny time. 20's are a funny time, and each day is a new/different experience that no one could have prepared me for. My circle of friends is shifting, towards those who truly matter. I live with my parents, which, despite popular belief, is the greatest, healthiest thing I've chosen to do, and I respect anyone with ambition who decides to make the same move.

Self-employment has helped me embrace the randomness of life, as well as the cruciality of regimen and self-control. I realize that I've learned more in the past nine months than I have in the past two decades. This raises more questions than it yields answers, but I always try to embrace the journey, relish in its experiences, celebrate its successes, and learn from its mistakes. When I catch myself stressing about the future, or fretting over the past, I pause, I breathe, I listen to people like Asa. I reevaluate. I explore. I look for inspiring individuals to emulate. I remember what's important.

In some form or another, I'm learning, and the people that I surround myself with are the primary contributing factor.


I should be editing right now but thanks for reading! And, at the same time, supplementing my procrastination.  :)



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